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x5 Bundle (600mL)

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TIGER MYLK: Crunchy corn flakes with a frosted coating, soaked just long enough to create a rich cereal milk!

MYLKSTACHE: Freshly poured mylk over soft vanilla wafers, Tahitian vanilla pudding, and you guessed it… more vanilla!

MELON MYLK: Juicy melon chunks whipped into a milky cream base.

JUICED ICE: Freshly squeezed apple juice with a touch of tart grape on ICE!

THE PLUG ICE: An astonishingly accurate watermelon hard candy on ICE!

DIME PIECE ICE: Tantalizing strips of tangy strawberry and tart kiwi, tossed in a light layer of sugary goodness on ICE!… a perfect “10.”


LIME LITE: strawberry, pear, lime… perfect for the summertime… or whenever, really.

DOUGH BOY: A delicately fried doughnut sandwiched around a layer of gooey strawberry jam, with vibrant notes of cream and brown sugar. “Don’t be JELLY”

DIME PIECE: Tantalizing strips of tangy strawberry and tart kiwi, tossed in a light layer of sugary goodness… a perfect “10.”

THE CLASSIC: The ultimate in classic fruit combinations – subtle, sweet strawberries and natural, ripe bananas, blended into a light milk and cream base. It’s literally like vaping a smoothie.

MAIN SQUEEZE: Robust Lemons, ripe strawberries, sweet tangerines, and our signature cream blend, mixed together to bring you an invigorating twist on a summertime original. “Your next summer love.”

MERINGUE: A crisp blend of citrus and pastry perfectly balanced on the palate; while bright meringue, rich filling, and savory crust envelop the rest of your taste buds. – No touching while it’s hot!

LOOP HOLE: Creamy and tangy mango peach rings, coated with just the right amount of sugar. It’s so accurate, you’d think we’ve found a loop hole.

THE PLUG: An astonishingly accurate watermelon hard candy.

STUFF’D: Double stuffed cookies n’ cream!

PRPL PACK: Five wild berries bursting with fruity, juicy flavor! – A whole new rainbow to experience.

Ingredients: Natural & Art Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerine, and USP NicSelect Nicotine

Size: 120mL

Ratio: 70vg/30pg

Additional information

Weight 30 oz

70 VG / 30 PG

13 reviews for x5 Bundle (600mL)

  1. Cinoy Clark

    Love the flavors.

  2. Zack Moses

    To whomever it concerns,

    I will make review on this Facebook page about your juices and also promote this juice all the time. The Facebook page is called vape nation and there is over 10,000 people on this page. Iam willing to go live on that Facebook page and do reviews on your juices. I already got the main squeeze and you guys had that 1$ deal and I posted it on that group and a lot of people started ordering it.

    Im also I love with this juice lol


  3. Tony Woodland

    Me and my wife received ” Dimepiece ” during the $1 for a 120ml giveaway, and were pleasently surprised! This juice was way better than what we were expecting for sure! Definitely ordering again! Thanks Abstrakt…

  4. Michelle

    I got dough boy for the $1 special.. Wow great juice!! I’m ordering every flavor now!

  5. wildphat045

    Absolutely delicious. So glad I just ordered more. Promoting on Twitter. You guys are so worth it! Thank you.

  6. Karli

    Got my main squeeze in literally a day after ordering for just a buck! The flavor is so amazing! Telling everyone about you guys and will definitely become a regular!

  7. Shannon Taormina

    Got a bottle of Dough Boy and it is amazing!! I highly recommend it!!

  8. Chris

    Got Mainsqueeze for $1, absolutely LOVE it!!! ordering a lot more right now, and trying other flavors, you are my go to now for vape juice orders, Great job!!!

  9. Brendan Malyk

    Purchased the “main squeeze” for $1 and OMG! The flavor was amazing! Ordering the 5 pack now but it looks like dough boy is out of stock 🙁 was hoping to try all flavors

  10. Cheryl Huggard

    My boyfriend loves the Dime Piece flavor and the fantastic price for 5 bottles!

  11. Nicole (verified owner)

    We Absolutely love abstrakt! We will never buy juice anywhere else, again. Great products and great service.

  12. Barbara (verified owner)

    I love your juice. I won’t let myself run out again.

  13. Keith Wilde (verified owner)

    Did the 5-pack for my first order. I was definitely not sorry. I found that the pricier name-brand juices taste like they need a flavor shot compared to Abstrakt’s juices that are much more bold. 4 out of 5 were really good.

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